Boston Globe

The Boston Globe is the principal major newspaper of Boston and it’s immediate region. It was founded in 1878 and quickly rose to be one of the most important paper of Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe Archives is one of the best knowledge center of it’s kind. Each and every articles are carefully printed on cardboard and files by street address so by looking up for a specific address, one may quickly find everything that was reported in the Boston Globe in the immediate vicinity. Those archives are somewhat public and may be accessed with supervision by almost anyone who does not look suspicious. The Boston Globe also carefully keep copies of every unpublished articles but those are kept behind locked doors and only authorized personnel may access them (or some rare individuals with very good friends).

Acquired information for the Macario investigation:

  • May 1909, the Johnson family move in the house, they immediately fell prey to a strange illness.
  • March 1914, the oldest son of the Johnson family, Karl Johnson, commits suicide in a grisly scene by hanging himself after having slitted his own throat with a large kitchen knife. The heartbroken family immediately move out of the house leaving most of their belonging behind.
  • January 1917, the Murl family move in the house, but literally flee the house within weeks, having all strangely fell ill at the same time.
  • June 1920, Miss Gabriella Macario is admitted to the Boston Asylum after having been reported walking in the village bare footed, drooling and babbling of a haunting silhouette with eyes of fire. The father, Vittorio Macario was also admitted in the Boston Asylum the year before after being victim of a strange accident followed by utter madness. Their children were reported as being safe with some other member of the Macario family.

Classified information acquired for the Macario investigation:

  • January 1880 (unpublished article written in August 1918), A family of French immigrants (names unmentionned) fled the house after a series of violent accidents that left the parents dead and the children cripples, they left all their belongings in the house.

Boston Globe

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