Central Police Station

This is Boston’s Central Police Station, currently headed by chief investigator Jack Nellson.

Boston’s Central Police Station does keep extensive archives of their investigations, police reports and other relevant informations. Those archives are kept closely guarded and only a few select individual have access to them.

Acquired information for the Macario investigation:

  • May 1912, A secret raid on the Church of Contemplation and of Our Lord Granter of Secrets had tragic consequences. A local investigation was opened following the report of many local citizen that members of the church may be responsible of neighborhood children disappearances. During the raid, three policemen and seventeen church member were killed either by gunplay or fire. Autopsy reports are suspiciously undetailed and uninformative. Fifty four member of the church were arrested but only eight were convicted. Among those eight was the church pastor, Michael Thomas, who was sentenced for fourty years in prison but managed to escape in 1917 and was never found thereafter.

Central Police Station

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